SRS™ 32


All-In-One 32ft x 4ft Simple Raft Aquaponics System

The Best Aquaponics System for the Serious Gardener

128 sq ft of Grow Space – Ideal for the Serious Gardener/Family of 6

This system is for the serious backyard gardener.

Large enough to grow up to 768 plants, the SRS™ 32 allows you to grow plenty of produce to feed to a family of 6 with extra to can, freeze or give away.

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Comes with Everything You Need, Just Add Water:

  • 155 Gallon Fish Tank
  • 2- 4’x 16’ Modular Grow Bed Systems w/NSF-61 Approved Liner
  • 1-Air pump
  • 1- Set Air stones
  • 1- Set Air Lines
  • 1- Water pump
  • 16-Food Contact Safe Aquaponics Grow Rafts
  • All hardware, plumbing parts and connectors

Serious Backyard Gardening at it’s Best

Ideal for the family that’s put a heavy or exclusive emphasis on fresh veggies with every meal, while maintaining cost efficiency.

Total Footprint (with tank) –  14’ x 24’

*Total Plant locations 768

Energy consumption    < 60 watts

Time Input –  2.5- 3 hours per week – 25-30 mins a day

Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 48 × 18 in


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