What is Aquaponics?

It Is An EcoSystem

Water, Fish, Plants & Natural Occuring Bacteria Working Together in Harmony

An Ecosystem in a Manmade Container

Thought to be first developed by the Aztecs, where they would build a raft, fill it with soil, float it in the river, allowing roots to go through the soil to access the nutrient rich fish water below. The fish, plants and water create their own Ecosystem, where they thrive in the natural water chemistry and nutrients each helps provide. The power of Mother Nature!


Symbiosis & Ecosystem

The success of Aquaponics is rooted in the symbiosis of fish and plants and the Ecosystem they create.

It's About Balance

The combination of these 2 systems is what makes up Aquaponics.

How It Works

The relationship of fish, plants, water, Symbiosis & Ecosystem

An SRS™ Aquaponic system consists primarily of fish, plants, oxygen, bacteria and water. Simply put, the fish feed the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish, allowing them to live and grow together in harmony.

Let’s take a look at the 4 pieces that make up Aquaponics, below.

It’s All About A Balanced Relationship


The plants must have the fish; the fish must have the plants.

Today’s aquaponics is not significantly different in concept than what was used by the Aztec people. We use fish and plants together in a symbiotic relationship.
What is a symbiotic relationship? The plants must have the fish; the fish must have the plants.

The fish excrete waste, then, through a series of naturally occurring bacteria; the fish waste is converted into an amazing plant fertilizer. The plant root uptakes the nutrients which thereby purifies the water for the fish.

By recirculating the water through the fish tank and plant grow beds you have a continuous food production system that is tremendously productive, easy to manage, and incredibly hardy just like in nature.

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Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’? This idea of helping someone to get some help in return is the essence of a symbiotic relationship.

Symbiosis describes close interactions between two or more different species. It is different from regular interactions between species, because, in a symbiotic relationship, the two species in the relationship live together. Many organisms are involved in symbiotic relationships because this type of interaction provides benefits to both participants. However, there are types of symbiosis that are not beneficial and may, in fact, harm one or both of the species.

Obligate Symbiosis is when two organisms are in a symbiotic relationship because they can’t survive without each other. Facultative symbiosis is when the species live together by choice.

Aquaponics is obligate symbiosis: Neither will survive without the other. If the fish do not produce waste, the plants will not have nutrients and will die. If the plants roots don’t absorb the fish waste, the water becomes toxic and the fish dies.


A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment


  1. a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.
    1. (in general   use)  a   complex  network or  interconnected system

In today’s modern aquaponics, we start with a fish tank where we raise a variety of edible or ornamental fish.  The fish, simply by breathing, eating and excreting waste, create a toxic environment for themselves. This is where the plants come in. The plants filter the water, utilizing the waste to grow and flourish, thus cleaning the water of the toxins the fish created.

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Keeping it Simple

It Really Can Be as Simple as    1. PLANT YOUR SEED    2. FEED YOUR FISH    3. HARVEST YOUR PLANTS. Many experts want you to believe that aquaponics is complicated, mysterious and difficult. It is none  of those. Rest assured it is far easier than many will have you believe.

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Perpetual Food Company has developed a hands on, in-depth training program, unlike any other program on the market today. With our EAT, you’ll walk away a confident, knowledgeable, safe, efficient and productive operator.

We’ll Be Your “Mechanic”

Just like driving a car, we don’t have to have the education of a mechanic to be able to successfully operate our car. Perpetual Food Company is here to be your “mechanic” so you can focus on “driving” your system.

Remember that aquaponics is an ecosystem in a manmade container. The less we mess with nature, the better it is. Our most successful growers are the ones that gently guide their systems with a “mostly” hands-off approach.

Easily Nurture Your Ecosystem & Grow Your Own Clean Food With Our Simple Raft System™

Our Simple Raft System™ (SRS) makes it easy to take control of your food supply and your health. Find out more below.