Training For Educators

Training You to Teach with Aquaponics in the Classroom


A Training Program Designed for Educators – You Must Be a Competent Aquaponics Operator to Teach Your Students

Our Aquaponics Educators Training program will help you become well versed in Aquaponics, what it is, how it works and how you can teach through an aquaponics system for classroom instruction.

We Make it Simple to Learn & Teach with Aquaponics

  • Hands on Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Can Demonstrate Most Required Science & Math Standards
  • Engages the Student
  • Creates Curiosity
  • Encourages Discussion
  • Creates Teamwork
  • Demonstrates Community
  • Makes Learning Fun
  • Did We Mention it Makes Learning Fun?

What You’ll Learn

We cover subjects to help you become familiar with aquaponics, and how to incorporate it into your instruction. Our training is a hands on, simplified approach, designed to help you succeed.


  • Classroom Educational Equipment
  • Greenhouse Production Equipment
  • Perpetual Growing Environment (PGE)
  • Operational Training
  • Salad A Day Challenge

1. Classroom Educational Equipment

The classroom system is designed to be a tool for you to teach and demonstrate the standards you’re currently teaching. Our classroom SRS™ system is perfect for project based learning.

Use our 8ft system to allow for the most diverse interaction along with consumable production. If space is limited, then choose our desktop model.

Imagine a living ecosystem in  your classroom. What can you and your students accomplish with that!

2. Greenhouse Production Equipment

Our modular SRS™ systems can be customized to fit any footprint. You can grow for education, or you can scale and grow for production and revenue.

You can escape the seasonal nature of ferns and bedding plants and grow produce year round to provide a consistent cash flow for your department.

  • Grow lettuce and sell to parents
  • Grow lettuce to sell to local grocers
  • Create a salad bar at your school
  • Year end fund raising fish fry

Educate your students, empower your community, by demonstrating organic, sustainable, local food production.

3. Perpetual Growing Environment (PGE)

  • Teaching outside the box from a box
  • Passive Heating
  • Semi-passive cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Alternative Energy Options
  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Efficient Use of Space
  • Hands on Science & Math
  • Meets or Exceeds Local Building Codes
  • Modular Expansion

4. Operational Training

  • 20 hour Eco Aquaponic Training Course
  • Takes the novice with zero experience, to a confident, knowledgeable and successful operator.
  • It is important for the teacher to know how to operate the system!
  • Continued Teacher Support

5. Salad a Day Challenge

Community Awareness & School Fund Raising

  • A 30 Day Challenge for kids and their families to eat a Salad a Day
  • Sponsors are solicited by students, with pledges made for each salad eaten
  • Pledge money goes towards fund raising for a classroom aquaponics system or greenhouse system
  • Raise family and community awareness about the relationship between food & health
  • Change and create new healthy eating habits

Learn More About the Salad a Day Challenge

From An Educator

Dear Mr. Campbell,

This letter is about your product from Perpetual Food grow beds, liners, stainless steel clips and seed pods. If not for your products, sir, I would not be in the position I hold today. As the Agriculture Instructor at McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida I was awarded the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Pioneer DuPont Agriculture Educator for 2017, I was also chosen by the National Association of Agriculture Educators (NAAE) as one of their 2017 Ambassadors in the nation. Also, Broward County, Florida’s Environmental Services Department has also awarded me the Preserving the Planet for Posterity.

I must say unequivocally that if not for the materials supplied by Perpetual Food through Randy Campbell, I would not have received the awards. My current objective is to double my output and production with more of Mr. Campbells materials. The products are easy to assemble as well as easy to maintain. We elevated our system to make it easier for elementary school children as well as senior citizens and wheel-chair bound persons to plant and harvest. Our students enhanced his system.

Mr. Campbell has not paid me for this endorsement, and I provide this willingly because it needs to be recognized and I would be happy to assist other teachers with the ease of use of these materials. As an instructor in a public school setting you need to keep it simple and Mr. Campbell does that naturally. His customer service skills are heartwarming and professional. May the reader of this testimonial not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Vincent Newman
NSTA 2017 Agriculture Educator Gifted and Talented Coordinator
6501 Hollywood Boulevard
McArthur High School
Hollywood, Florida 33024
Mobile 954-554-6487

How to Take the Next Step

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