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  • Organically Certified Grow Media
  • Comprehensive Training

Supporting Small Business, Education and Community

Our Mission
is to help you easily start and succeed growing your own clean food with our aquaponics Simple Raft Systems™.

We’re here to share our experience & knowledge, offer support, and quality training. Let us show you how easy it really is to grow your own food and take control of your health.

Simple Raft Systems™

Our Simple Raft Systems™ take the complication out of aquaponics for the Backyard, Hobby Farmer or Commercial grower. They include everything you need to get started, are easy to set up and operate, lifetime warranted, sustainable and are the most economical systems on the market. Learn More


We know Aquaponics has long been deemed complicated and difficult. We want to show you just how simple it can be with our Eco Aquaponics Training™ (EAT) designed to take you from a novice to a confident operator in just 16 hours. Learn More


Bring interactive learning into your classroom or greenhouse with aquaponics. We provide Teacher training, equipment and ongoing support. Learn More

Commercial Growers

With the growing demand for clean food, the opportunity for the profit driven aquaponic grower is here. Our turn-key Commercial systems are economical, modular, complete and designed with production & profitability in mind. Learn More

We Make Aquaponics As Simple As

We wanted to create a simple, affordable system anyone can use. Thus, the SRS™ was born. An Easy To Use, All-In-One system that is Durable, Free of Toxic Chemicals, Organic Certifiable and will ultimately Achieve Your Goals…growing your own clean food and supporting your health.

1. Plant Your Seed
2. Feed Your Fish
3. Harvest Your Food

Introducing the Simple Raft System™

Made Simple. Made Sustainable. Made to Help You Succeed.

We are proud to offer our Complete, Lifetime Warranted, Modular, Maintenance Free, Simple Raft Aquaponic System. It includes all you need to get started, all you provide is the water, fish and plants.

Our Simple Raft System™ is structurally comprised of Grow Bed Frames, Grow Rafts, and Grow Pucks components. We also offer our proprietary Perpetu-ATE™ Super Premium Fish Food, formulated specifically for Aquaponics use to grow both your fish and your plants.

We'll Teach You How - Eco Aquaponic Training™

Randy Campbell, founder of PFC, is committed to sharing his experience and knowledge with those looking to take control of their food and health with Aquaponics. His Eco Aquaponic Training™ (EAT) program is designed to take you from novice to confident operator in 16 hours.

3 Step Aquaponics™ - You CAN Grow

We Make It That Easy

Plant Your Seed, Feed Your Fish, Harvest Your Food. Regardless of your location or background.

The Quality of Your LIFE is Directly Related to the Quality of Your FOOD

Growing your own clean food with aquaponics makes it easy to take control of your food and your health.

“The Quality of Your Life is Directly Related to the Quality of Your Food”

Take control of your Health and food sources by growing clean, quality food with Aquaponics, simply the most productive, sustainable method of food production known to man.

Health & Quality

  • A healthy immune system nourished by clean food helps keep chronic diseases at bay – Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes
  • Harvest produce at its most nutritious time – Organic, Non GMO
  • Can be picked and consumed within minutes or hours vs traditional grocery store produce grown 100s to 1000s of miles away

Space & Sustainability

  • Grow Outdoor, Indoor, in a Greenhouse
  • No Land Required
  • Moveable
  • No Weeding
  • Uses no Fuel
  • Our backyard systems use less energy than a 60 Watt lightbulb
  • Sustainable System for Sustainable Growing

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What Makes Perpetual Food Company Different

Advocate, Manufacturer


The obvious is the equipment we manufacture because it was designed through over a decade of aquaponic production and experimentation. It was designed to make aquaponics simple, economical, more user friendly, and available to more people.


More importantly is the philosophy behind the company. Perpetual Food Company holds a sincere commitment and passion for creating awareness of how to grow with aquaponics, awareness of the connectivity between food and health and sharing the years of experience and knowledge we’ve gained with the anyone who will…listen.

In short, we are committed to guiding and supporting anyone interested in taking control of their food and health, with aquaponics.