Floating Grow Rafts

Floating Grow Rafts

Designed Specifically for Aquaponics Use

  • Preformed – No Cutting – No Drilling
  • Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Plant Patterns
  • Accepts PFC Grow Pucks or 2″ Slit Pots
  • Food Contact Approved Material
  • Plant and Fish Safe

Available Exclusively Through Local Perpetual Food Dealers

Floating Grow Rafts are the structures used to float the plants on the surface of the water in your Simple Raft System (SRS™). Durable, buoyant, food contact and fish safe. Included with the SRS™, also Available for Individual Purchase.


Designed Specifically for Aquaponics Use

  • Food Contact Approved Material
  • Approved for use in Organically Certified Systems
  • Durable 2” Thick Design
  • Pre-formed 2’ x 4’ w/ 18 or 32 plant locations or 2’x2’ w/ 55 Plant Locations
  • Accepts PFC Aquaponic Grow Pucks or 2” Slit Pots

Save Time, Save Money

  • Eliminate Cutting and Drilling
  • Eliminate Toxic Boards
  • Guaranteed Buoyancy
  • Economical

Included with the SRS™, also Available for Individual Purchase.

Why Our Rafts Are Different

floating grow raft

PFC Grow Rafts

Perpetual Food Company has designed a raft specifically for aquaponic use.

These rafts are made of the same material that we have been drinking out of, eating off of and storing food in for over 60 years. They are formed from FDA approved food use Expanded Polystyrene.

Our rafts are pre-formed in standard 2’x4’ or 2’x 2’ sizes with the holes also preformed, thus eliminating the need for any cutting or drilling. They are steam formed and a sturdy 2” thick.

What Has Been Traditionally Used

Many Aquaponic companies use and recommend Dow Blue Board, which consists of 4’x8’ x 2” thick sheets of Extruded Polystyrene insulation material. You can then cut them to size and drill holes to accommodate the net pot.  Dow Company, however, has stated that this is not an approved use of their product. It is designed for use as subterranean insulation in the construction arena. Besides blue you will find  pink, green and other colors by several manufacturers. BEWARE of all of these extruded foams.

Some of these Extruded Foams Will Contain:

  • Pesticides to resist termites
  • Toxic blowing/gassing agents
  • Formaldehyde
  • Cyanoacrylate. We do know that cyanide gas can be released when burned but unclear off the leaching issues in water.

Due to the potentially serious nature of these health risks, do not use insulation products as rafts for aquaponics.

Get Your Durable, Non-Toxic Rafts from PFC Today.

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