Eco Aquaponic Training™ (EAT)

From Novice to Confident Operator in 16 Hours

Finally, Aquaponic Classes that are Simple, Effective and Affordable

Perpetual Food’s Eco Aquaponic Training (EAT) Program is unlike ANY Aquaponics classes on the market today. Simplified, you’ll walk away a confident, knowledgeable, safe, efficient and productive operator.

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Why the EAT Program

We are passionate about making aquaponics easily accessible to the public and creating awareness around the relationship between food and health.

We’ve seen other classes make learning aquaponics confusing, intimidating and complex, resulting in procrastination or even worse, no action. “A Confused Mind Says No.” We know Aquaponics can be much more simple than what academia and many trainers might want you to believe.

That’s why we created the Eco Aquaponic Training™ (EAT) program. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to learn and operate an aquaponics system.

The Details

We Thoroughly Cover:

  • What is Aquaponics – Why Aquaponics
  • Aquaponic Methods – SRS Aquaponics
  • The 8 inputs of Aquaponics – Plants and Fish
  • Pest Management
  • Getting Started
  • Trouble Shooting and more

Hands On & Classroom Experience

The 16 hour Eco Aquaponic Training Course is designed to bring the novice student from zero experience, to a confident, knowledgeable, safe, efficient and productive operator.


$600.00 (ask about family discounts)

Eco Aquaponic Training Schedule

Please call 1-800-933-1336, for upcoming dates.

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