SRS™ 20


All-In-One 20ft x 4ft Simple Raft Aquaponics System

Our Most Popular Starter Aquaponics System.

80 sq ft of Grow Space – Ideal for the Family of 4

This is our most popular starter system, the SRS 20 will provide fresh produce and fish for a family of 4 of light to moderate produce consumption.

The space allows for tremendous vegetable diversity.arge enough to grow up to 448 plants.

Expand Up to a 32ft system without Additional Pumps or Fish Tanks

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Comes with Everything You Need, Just Add Water:

  • 155 Gallon Fish Tank
  • 4’x 20’ Modular Grow Bed System w/NSF-61 Approved Liner
  • 1-Air pump
  • 1- Set Air stones
  • 1- Set Air Lines
  • 1- Water pump
  • 10-Food Contact Safe Aquaponics Grow Rafts
  • All hardware, plumbing parts and connectors

Easily & Efficiently Expands Up to an SRS-32 (32ft System)

All of our systems are modular and can easily be relocated and expanded.  With the SRS20 you can expand all the way to the SRS32 by simply adding more grow beds. There is no need for additional pumps or fish tanks, just add grow beds and more fish!

Total Footprint (with tank) –  6’x28’

*Total Plant locations – 448

Energy consumption    < 60 watts

Time Input –  2 – 2.5 hours per week – 15-20 mins per day

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 48 × 18 in


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