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Simple Raft Aquaponic Systems Only From PFC
Available in 8ft, 20ft, 32ft, 68ft and Custom Sizes. See Below.

Call 1-800-933-1336 for a Free Quote on Custom Sizes.

SRS™ 8

  • Ideal For:
    The Individual / Couple
  • Plant Locations: 192
  • Time Input: 15 Minutes / Day


SRS™ 20

  • Ideal For:
    The Family of 4
  • Plant Locations: 448
  • Time Input: 20 Minutes / Day


SRS™ 32

  • Ideal For:
    The Family of 6
  • Plant Locations: 768
  • Time Input: 30 Minutes / Day


SRS™ 68

  • Ideal For:
    The Community Garden/Those Looking Into Commercial Production
  • Plant Locations: 1600
  • Time Input: 40 Minutes / Day


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