aquaponics frames

Aquaponics Frames

Designed Specifically for Aquaponics Use

  • Modular
  • Expandable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Economical
  • Moveable
  • Lifetime Warranty

Available Exclusively Through Local Perpetual Food Dealers

Our aquaponics frames, The Grow Bed Frame System, will hold your Aquaponics system together. Durable, maintenance-free, expandable.


Easy to Assemble, Maintenance Free

  • Maintenance Free – not painting, no rotting, no replacing
  • Has been approved for use in Organically Certified Systems
  • Easy to assemble- simple, hinge & pin design, snap in liner
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Click Here to Read & Download Warranty

Modular, Expandable, Economical

  • Modular Design- Commercial or personal use
  • Expandable beds from 4’ x 8’ to 4’ x 100’ plus
  • Designed for Outdoor, Indoor or Greenhouse Use
  • Moveable- can be disassembled and reassembled
  • Economical

Build it Once, Last a Lifetime

aquaponics grow bed frame problem

The Great Wood Myth

 Wood…a great renewable source, cheap and easy to find.

“Build your aquaponic system out of standard, inexpensive framing lumber and you will have the world’s most inexpensive aquaponic system.”

The reality  is  that  a  wooden  system  maybe  the  MOST EXPENSIVE aquaponic system in the world. Here is why.


Learn About the Difficulties of Wood Frames Here

Wood is porous, it holds moister, fungus and mold spores. Even when painted it does not hold up to the elements. Aquaponics is a hot, wet environment; the sun is an intense heater. The wood is continually expanding and contracting, making annual painting a must.

It is extremely labor intensive to repaint these systems each year. With your system in production, it is near impossible to repaint without removing all of the grow rafts (where do they go while your painting). The grower must be overly patient and precise so not to drip paint into your ecosystem, possibly killing both fish and plants.

When painted each year the wooden system will decay, rot, crumble and attract termites as pictured above.
These systems rot from the inside out making it difficult to see the damage until it is too late.

These wooden components must be replaced after 4-6 years even when protected inside a greenhouse. With the laborious expense of building the system the first time, now it will be shut down (where to keep the fish) coupled with the labor cost of tearing down and disposing of the entire system while only salvaging the bulkheads. The next step is to rebuild the system again at a higher cost than the 1st time (inflation).

A simple math equation shows;

Build it once $ $ + Pay for it.

Paint and Maintain $ $ + Pay for it again.

Tear Down and Dispose of $ $ +Pay for it again

Build it Again $ $ = Pay for it again.

A wooden system may ultimately be the most expensive aquaponic system in the world.

It is said that only the rich can afford to buy cheap:
As they can afford to buy it over and over and over again.

Can you?

PFC Grow Bed Frame System – Built Once, Lasts a Lifetime

Your PFC system will require few or no tools, significantly less skill and time to assemble. Along with that, our aquaponics grow bed frames, you’ll built it just once:

  • No repurchasing and replacing of decaying lumber
  • No upheaval of your system during the rebuild
  • No painting
  • No termites
  • No mold
  • All Durability & Functionality

Ready to Find a Dealer?

PFC Grow Bed Frames are sold exclusively through Perpetual Food Dealers. Locate one in your area today.