Simple Raft Systems™

Made Simple. Made Sustainable. Made to Help You Succeed.

Designed & Manufactured by Perpetual Food company

We Take the Complication Out of Aquaponics

Our turn-key, aquaponics Simple Raft System™ (SRS) includes everything you need to nurture your ecosystem, grow your fish and harvest clean, healthy food. We designed and manufacture all of the components that make up our Simple Raft System™.

Simple Raft Systems™ – Includes Everything You Need to Get Started

Backyard, Hobby Farmers & Commercial Growers

We are proud to offer our Complete, Lifetime Warranted, Modular, Maintenance Free, Simple Raft Aquaponic System. All you provide is the water, fish and plants.

The foundation of our Simple Raft System™ is comprised of Fish Tanks, Grow Beds, Grow Rafts, and Grow Pucks. We also offer our propriety Perpetu-ATE™ Super Premium Fish Food, formulated specifically for Aquaponics use to grow both your fish and your plants.

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Plus, a Frame System Limited Lifetime Warranty

We take great pride in our products, and wish to ensure that your frame system maintains structural integrity throughout the lifetime of its use. That’s why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for our frames.

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Proprietary Components – Included with our Simple Raft System™

Grow Rafts, Grow Pucks & Perpetu-ATE™ Super Premium Fish Food Also Available for Individual Purchase

Grow Bed Frames

Our Grow Bed Frame System is durable, maintenance free, expandable, from 4ft x 8ft to 4ft x 100+ft, and lifetime warranted.

Grow Rafts

No more drilling toxic blue stuff. Our Grow Raft is made with food contact approved expanded polystyrene. Steam formed and design specifically for Aquaponic use. Available in 2ft x 4ft, 32 plant locations, 2ft x 4ft, 18 plant locations, 2ft x2 ft, 55 plant locations. Used by many organic certified growers.

Grow Pucks

The grow media in which your plant will germinate and grow. Our Coconut Coir pucks are designed specifically for Aquaponics use, make planting and germination a breeze and are OMRI-Listed for Organic use.

Perpetu-ATE™ Super Premium Fish Food

The only fish food developed specifically for the aquaponic industry. GMO Free, Grain Free, pH Balanced, Natural 

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Feel secure in your purchase. Our Simple Raft System™ come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click below to Learn More.
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Simple Raft System™ (SRS). Setting You Up for Success.

Let’s take a closer look.

Compared to other systems, our SRS™ is simpler, easier to use and less expensive to purchase and operate. Our SRS™ is designed to nurture your Ecosystem and help your fish and plants flourish with less labor and energy input, utilizing our gravity designed system, the efforts of the fish and the power of mother nature.

Designed with sustainable, fish and plant safe, materials, we include everything you need to get started and succeed (aside from water, fish and plants). We even offer Live Training and Free Set Up.

  • All-in-One: Frame, Rafts, Pucks, Pumps, Tanks & More
  • Easy to Learn & Operate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Less Equipment to Purchase
  • Less Energy to Operate – add lightbulb here
  • 1/2 to 1/3 the Cost of Other Systems
  • Maintenance Free –  Never Needs to Be Shut Down to Clean
  • Indoor / Outdoor or in a Greenhouse
  • Sustainable, Biodegradable Plant Media
  • Non-Toxic, Food Contact Safe, Fish Safe
  • PH Balanced
  • Grow During Cold Weather Months
  • Live Training, Setup Assistance & Ongoing Support

What’s Included?

Everything. All You Provide is the Water, Fish & Plants.

We are proud to offer our Complete, Lifetime Warranted, Modular, Maintenance Free, Simple Raft Aquaponic System (SRS™). All you provide is the water, fish and plants. (We’ll help you source your fish & have suggestions for organic certified plant seed.)

Our systems can be assembled, plugged in and ready to operate in hours. These SRS™ systems are efficient, productive, and economical to purchase and to operate. Find a Dealer

  • Fish Tank
  • Grow Bed
  • Liner
  • Air Pump
  • Air Stones
  • Water Pump
  • Rafts
  • Grow Pucks
  • All Plumbing Parts
  • Set Up Assistance

How It Works

The SRS™ method is the least known and perhaps the most misunderstood. With the Simple Raft System™ (SRS) method the roots are the only filter.

By properly balancing the fish to plant ratio no additional filtration is necessary, and no fertilizers (fish waste) wasted. Properly designed, little energy is used to move the water from the fish tank through the grow bed.

In the SRS™ system, the plants are in the disposable grow puck that sits in the hole in the raft, allowing the roots to dangle in

the flowing nutrient rich water. This float method allows entire rafts to be planted,  floated “downstream” in the system, and then harvested, significantly reducing labor time.

As Simple As

We wanted to create a simple, affordable system anyone can use. Thus, the SRS™ was born. An Easy To Use, All-In-One system that is Durable, Free of Toxic Chemicals, Organic Certifiable and will ultimately Achieve Your Goals…growing your own clean food and supporting your health.

1. Plant Your Seed
2. Feed Your Fish
3. Harvest Your Food

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