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Perpetu-ATE™ Super Premium Fish Food

The Only Fish Food Formulated Specifically for Aquaponics

  • GMO Free
  • Grain Free
  • Natural Product
  • No Fillers
  • More Complete Digestibility
  • Supports Plant Production

Fish & Fish Food Designed to Fuel Your System

Fish are the fuel that runs your Simple Raft System™. Purchase from your dealer, or we’ll help you source your fish. Our all natural Fish Food is formulated to grow your fish well, while using less.  Included with the SRS™, also Available for Individual Purchase.


Meat & Ornamental Fish

  • Fish Are the Fuel That Runs Your System
  • Raise Meat or Ornamental Fish
  • Purchase from Your Dealer, or
  • We’ll Help You Source Your Fish

Food Designed Specifically to Benefit Aquaponics

  • GMO Free
  • Grain Free
  • High Nutritional Content
  • Grow Your Fish Well, While Feeding Less
  • Conveniently Packaged in 5 and 40 Pound Bags

What People Are Saying

I’m sorry to interrupt your Sunday but I wanted to tell you that I have been feeding my fish you Perpetu-ATE food and the change in my tomato plant is amazing!!!  It has put on at least twelve inches of growth and has ten or more new blossoms and at least five new baby tomatoes growing on it. And it was only about twelve inches total to start off with


I am on my second bag of Perpetu-ATE fish food and have had great results. Prior to switching to Perpetu-ATE, I was spending two eight hour days every four to five months cleaning my system. I have been using this product for six months and see no build up in my system yet. I sure love the extra time I have knowing that my fish are eating better than ever.


The Story Behind Our Formulation

Clean and sustainable Fish Food for your Fish and Plant Production. Included with the SRS™, also Available for Individual Purchase.

aquaponics fish food

Finally, a fish food formula custom developed specifically for aquaponic systems.


Because perpetu-ATE premium fish food provides more complete digestibility and a high nutritional content, it will grow your fish well, while feeding less food. The quality of your fish & produce is directly related to the quality of the food used. 

Most modern fish food is designed for the Aquaculture industry, where the focus is “fat- fish- fast”! This is achieved through the use of cheap grains as the primary ingredients. Similar to humans, if you pump us full of processed grain we get fat fast too.

This fat-fish-fast food approach is used in the aquaculture environment where the water is heavily filtered or dumped, but is not suitable for aquaponics where our focus is plants first and fish second. Grain based fish food is poorly processed by the fish, leaving a large volume of un- digested grain particles in the system water.

Perpetual Food Company’s fish food is fish based, grain-free and is designed to be fully digested by the fish thereby yielding less undigested waste solids. Fewer solids in an aquaponic system yields better production, healthier plants and a more stable pH. Conveniently packaged in 5 or 40 pound bags.

Included with the SRS™, also Available for Individual Purchase.

Choosing Your Fish

The Fish in your Aquaponics System are the Fuel that runs it. Virtually any freshwater fish we’ll do. Below are some recommendations.

The Fuel

Just like the gasoline in your car or the grass in your cow, the fish are the fuel that makes the ‘aquaponic motor run”. We need a fish that will breathe, eat and excrete waste.

Virtually any freshwater fish will work. You can choose  a meat fish, an ornamental fish, a little fish, a big fish, a pretty fish or a tasty fish.

The Most Popular Choices

Fish species that perform best in this environment:

  • Meat Fish – Tilapia
  • Ornamental Fish – Koi & Gold Fish
Tilapia - Click Here

Tilapia, Is It The Perfect Aquaponic Fish? 

The good

  • Excellent table fare with a mild fish
  • Tilapia grows fast. They can reach eating size in 6 to 9
  • Excellent feed conversion – 1 ½ lbs feed to 1 pound gain compared to chicken at 4:1
  • Tilapia can tolerate drastic water chemistry changes that will kill most other
  • Tilapia is used because they can survive our mistakes and keep
  • Tilapia easily and aggressively Once water is maintained at 72 degrees or above, these romantic creatures will reproduce like crazy, making them perfect for aquaponics. Buy your starters once and have an endless supply of fish.
  • Sexually mature at 4” to 6”
  • Tilapia are omnivores; this means that they will eat meat as well as vegetation. They will eat commercial fish food, other fish, worms, insects, plants, plant roots, and nearly anything you put in their

The bad

  • Tilapia must have a minimum of 55 degree water temperature to survive. This is not as big a drawback as it sounds and will be further explained in a later

Special Note for Tilapia

When sourcing your original tilapia, be sure you are purchasing natural tilapia.

Male tilapia grow  much  faster than females. Therefore, many commercial tilapia farmers use sex-reversed tilapia, converting all fish to males to achieve faster growth.

This is achieved by feeding the fry a hormone laced fish food that converts the females to males.

In hopes of profitability, the aquaculture industry demands the 3 F’s. Fat Fish Fast

These hormone converted fish cannot be visually identified, and they will not reproduce in your system.

Due to their hardiness, growth production and ease of reproduction, Tilapia may very well be the perfect Aquaponic Fish.

Koi & Goldfish

These are the two most popular ornamental fish used in an aquaponic system.

Koi and Goldfish are traditionally not used for food in  our culture. As a decorative fish, the Koi is often the one more sought after.

Koi can have great value when all the colors and patterns are just right; however this is rare, 99% of Koi have a minimal dollar value.

Goldfish are cheap and readily available at most pet stores.

aquaponics fish

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