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It is our pleasure and privilege to sell our products exclusively through our affiliates across the country. Learn how to become a aquaponics dealer below.

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Why Consider a PFC Dealership?

We are the Only Aquaponic Company that Manufactures and Provides all needed System Components and Consumables.

  • Growing Movement Towards Clean Food
  • Growing Movement Toward Local Food Sources
  • Growing Movement Towards Sustainable Food Production
  • High Quality, Low Cost Equipment
  • We Offer Exclusive, Protected Territories
  • Complete Training
  • Part or Full Time Option
  • Low Investment Options
  • “Doing Well, While Doing Good”

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We are excited to speak with you about the opportunity of becoming a PFC dealer. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. Call Randy today!


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Contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss any questions, thoughts or concerns you may have about working with us. .

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