Have you ever stopped for a minute to ponder the drastic amount of recalls on food products in America each year? If you Google “Number of food recalls have there been in America in 2018” a list from the FDA will pull up that seems to be so long that it would take a lot of consideration and strategy to decipher the exact amount of food that was sent to the tables of our families and the people we love and then recalled after being declared unsafe. 

Most recently, the outbreak of E. coli in Romaine lettuce blasted headlines across the nation. People in at least 12 states were reported as having been infected. If you’re like most people you work hard to eat right and take care of your body but with headlines like these it may seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. You buy the right items, even organic produce, only to find out that infection has spread and the only meal they will make is for the rodents occupying the local landfill. 

Aquaponics is a great solution for health conscience consumers. 

Aquaponics capitalizes on the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. With fish on the bottom and plants in floating trays on top everyone wins. Said to have been developed by the Aztecs centuries ago, today’s aquaponics leverages modern technology and research with a time-tested process. The fish excrete waste, then through a series of naturally occurring bacteria; the fish wast is converted into amazing plant fertilizer. The plant root uptakes the nutrients which thereby purifies the water for the fish. 

By recirculating the water through the fish tank and plant grow beds you have a continuous food production system that is tremendously productive, easy to manage, and incredibly hardy just like in nature. 

The best news as it relates to outbreaks and recalls: Aquaponics is powered by cold-blooded fish. E. coli, salmonella and other food-borne risks are caused by warm-blooded animals. Aquaponics is the safer choice! 

Additionally, aquaponics allows consumers the advantage of knowing where their food is coming from, how it is handled from day one and the elements to which it was exposed during the process. It is also the most sustainable option on the market today. 

Our Systems require no fuel, and the systems are 100% electrically based. But don’t worry, our backyard systems use less than a 60 Watt Lightbulb. If that’s too much for you, they easily convert to solar, wind or hydroelectric power.

Our Systems use 90% to 95% LESS water than conventional in ground growing methods. The small amount of water it uses goes directly into the plants or evaporates, which helps to relieve the pains of contaminated water, water shortages and droughts.

Aquaponic plants are more productive and faster growing than their soil based counterparts. 100% of the energy used by a plant in an SRS™ Aquaponic System goes into plant production.

For your health, for our planet, for the betterment of your family it’s time to take a serious look at employing aquaponics as the source for your produce!