Aquaponics is simply the most productive, sustainable method of food production known to man.

When you compare aquaponics to the best of the best gardening methods, aquaponics (pardon the pun) floats to the top.

  • Requires little space
  • No soil
  • No tractor
  • No tiller
  • No fuel
  • No harsh chemical fertilizers
  • No dangerous herbicides or pesticides
  • No weeding
  • Can be done indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse
  • Land purchase not required
  • Portable
  • Grows fish

The Conventional

With conventional gardening, you must first have land and good soil.

You will need a tiller, a tractor or a plow animal and fuel.

You will need a substantial supply of water for when it’s not raining. You will need to create good drainage for when it’s raining too much.

You will need a supply of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. You will need to make a daily commitment to weeding and watering and still, you will have no fish.

The Efficient, Productive Unconventional – Aquaponics

Many people think that aquaponics is new, but it is said that the Aztecs may have had the first aquaponics model.

They would build a raft, fill it with soil and plants, and float it in the river allowing the roots grow through the soil and into the nutrient-rich fish water below.

Today’s aquaponics is not significantly different in concept.

We use fish and plants together in a symbiotic relationship. It starts with fish; add some water, some plant seeds, and you will have the basis for an aquaponics system.

When these three items are combined in the right ratio, they work together in great harmony. The plants must have the fish; the fish must have the plants.

An Ecosystem in a Manmade Container

When properly built, you have a small ecosystem in a manmade container.

The fish breathe and excrete waste, then, through a series of naturally occurring bacteria; the fish waste is converted into an amazing plant fertilizer.

The plants then uptake the nutrients which thereby purifies the water for the fish.

By recirculating the water through the fish tank and plant grow beds you have a perpetual food production system.

These ecosystems are incredibly hardy, tremendously productive and easy to manage once established…allowing you to easily and efficiently grow your own clean, healthy food, right in your own backyard.

Time, Energy & Output

We’ve Designed our Aquaponic Simple Raft System™ so You Can Easily Grow the Food You Want, Successfully.

SRS™ 8

  • Ideal For:
    The Individual / Couple
  • Plant Locations: 192
  • Time Input: 15 Minutes / Day

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SRS™ 20

  • Ideal For:
    The Family of 4
  • Plant Locations: 448
  • Time Input: 20 Minutes / Day

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SRS™ 32

  • Ideal For:
    The Family of 6
  • Plant Locations: 768
  • Time Input: 30 Minutes / Day

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SRS™ 68

  • Ideal For:
    The Community Garden/Those Looking Into Commercial Production
  • Plant Locations: 1600
  • Time Input: 40 Minutes / Day

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